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At Earth & Turf Reps we offer a wide range of services and solutions that are right for you. Whether you're need of erosion control & vegetation solutions from the top manufacturers and distributors, or if you're in search of equipment solutions, or perhaps you're looking for a national distribution representative for your company to help increase your retail sales - ETR has it all for you! 

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Earth and Turf Reps are manufacturers’ representatives, working with distributors in the erosion and sediment control industry across the Southeast.

We educate builders, contractors, designers, distributors, engineers and graders, while making sure our manufacturers continue to increase their business presence in the marketplace.


Our experts not only find the perfect equipment for you, but also provide you with the education, resources, and products you need to gain the highest profit! We offer a variety of Agricultural, Erosion Control, and Construction equipment. Consultations at no addition charge to you.


Earth & Turf Reps currently represents a wide variety of manufacturers and product lines on a national level. We work through a wide range of channels within Central Garden Distribution including Independent dealers, Key Accounts, National Accounts, eCommerce, and Big Box retailers. We have won consecutive awards the past 4 years at Central Garden's Buying Show due our hard work, dedication, value, and success we bring to all of our manufacturers.  

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